The mission of the Energiewerkstatt is to contribute to the energy transition through the continuous expansion of renewable energy, especially wind energy but also photovoltaics and biogas plants.

According to the statutes, the Energiewerkstatt focuses on

  • researching, developing and promoting the use of renewable forms of energy.
  • communicating the scientific results obtained in lectures, seminars and advisory events.
  • the implementation of the research results obtained in the optimisation of the use of renewable energy sources.

The core operational tasks of the Energiewerkstatt include wind measurements, feasibility studies, approval planning, due diligences as well as expert opinions on yield, but also shadow flicker, icefall risk, fire risk, wind zones and machine breakage.

Pioneers in renewable energy


the Energiewerkstatt was founded as an association for the promotion of renewable energy.


years of experience in the research, development and implementation of wind power and biogas plants.

Wind Power

Wind is a free energy resource for power generation - right on our doorstep. It belongs to everyone and does not have to be imported or transported.

Sun Power

Solar energy is used to generate electricity (photovoltaics) and/or heat (solar thermal energy) through solar radiation on collectors.


Biogas is probably the most flexible renewable energy source, because heat, electricity and fuel can be produced from a wide variety of organic materials.