Risk analyses for ice formation on wind turbines


Wind power utilization in Austria faces the challenges of ice formation on wind turbines due to climatic and geographic conditions.

Under meteorological conditions such as freezing fog or freezing rain, ice buildup can occur on wind turbine (WTG) rotor blades. When this ice detaches from the rotor blade surface, the ice fragments that fall or are thrown away in this way can pose a safety risk to the surrounding area. Due to the climatic and geographic conditions at Austrian wind energy sites and the high population density, the icing of wind turbines is a great challenge, especially in Austria, even more so if one considers the expansion of renewable energy aimed for in the future.

Wind Atlas and Wind Potential Study Austria


By means of geo-statistical and numerical modeling, a wind atlas is calculated from the entire federal territory at a resolution of 100 x 100 meter grid areas. The results then serve as a basis for estimating theoretically maximum mobilizable wind energy potentials, taking into account comprehensive aspects of wind energy.

In addition to the newly determined wind maps for different heights above ground, the main result will be a scenario generator for theoretically maximally mobilizable wind potentials, which will allow the user to enter individual parameters in order to estimate the feasibility of wind power plants under changed general conditions.