Actually, solar or solar energy is – the only clean – nuclear energy, because it is an energy produced by nuclear fusion, parts of which reach the earth as electromagnetic radiation. Through solar radiation on collectors, solar energy can be used to generate electricity – photovoltaic – and/or heat – solar thermal.

But solar energy is also the prerequisite for all other renewable energies:
– Wind is created by sun-heated and cold air, creating the basis for wind power.
– Biomass grows only with the help of the sun and enables, among other things, the production of biogas.
– Hydroelectric power is only possible when rain falls – and this in turn only falls when water evaporates elsewhere due to solar radiation.

Accompaniment and realization

Photovoltaic power plants

The Energiewerkstatt accompanies from the project idea to the approval of a photovoltaic open space plant. This includes:

– Design planning
– rezoning
– material approval planning

Our experience in the field of wind energy enables us to provide yield calculations for combined wind and photovoltaic power plants to optimize the plant size at a given feed-in power.

Sunny prospects


times more ...

… than the current world energy demand the sun radiates onto the earth every year.


kWh/m2 ...

… is the average solar radiation in Austria – more than half the intensity that hits the Sahara.


tons of CO2 emissions ...

… could be saved in 2019 by operating around 5 million m2 of thermal solar collectors in Austria.

1.7 TWh Power generation

Around 1.7 TWh (terawatt hours) of electricity was generated across Austria in 2019 using photovoltaics. By 2030, this figure is expected to reach 12.7 TWh.
Source: Eurostat or EAEC

62 TWh Electricity consumption

In 2020, around 62 TWh of electricity was consumed in Austria.
Source: Statistics Austria

92,000 TWh Supply

The sun provides 92,000 TWh of energy annually in Austria.

15 billion years

the sun will still supply energy before its hydrogen supply is exhausted.