Wind energy makes a valuable contribution to a sustainable energy future. By using this regenerative form of energy, fossil fuels can be replaced. A modern wind turbine generates electricity for around 2,500 households, without pollutants, exhaust gases or waste – it enables savings of around 4,000 tons ofCO2 per year compared to conventional electricity generation.

To date, the Energiewerkstatt has carried out over 300 wind measurements in sometimes impassable terrain and under challenging climatic conditions throughout Europe and beyond. Based on this, potential analyses (feasibility studies, approval planning, due diligences) and expert opinions (shadow casting, icefall risk, fire risk, wind zones, machine breakage) form the basis for further services such as detailed planning and ultimately the successful erection and operation of the wind turbines.

Precision in advance

Wind measurement

The basis for any reliable yield forecast is our precise wind measurement. With site-specific measurement concepts, we offer the highest possible data availability and thus planning reliability:

  • Measuring masts up to 180 m
  • Measuring masts for locations with icing conditions
  • Class 1 measuring instruments
  • Customized external power supply systems

More than 300 measurement projects around the globe underline our know-how in wind measurement.

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Sound theory and practical know-how

Expert opinions, statements and studies

For the preparation of expert reports, we combine site-specific knowledge with meteorological measurements and data of existing wind turbines. A verification of theoretical results by empirical values from practice are part of our evaluations. We create

  • bankable energy yield assessments (optionally based on CFD simulations)
  • Wind zone report
  • Extreme wind assessment
  • Sound and shadow expertise
  • Icefall and ice throw risk assessment report
  • Fire risk assessment, machine breakage assessment
  • Feasibility studies, profitability analyses, project audits (due diligences)
  • GIS potential analyses
Headwind? No problem!

Planning, project development

We offer the execution of an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for large wind farms as well as the planning of a single wind turbine. In addition to technical planning services, we also support our customers with further services in the course of project development. This includes the entire project coordination including communication to all stakeholders and quality assurance for your project.

  • Design planning for clarification of legal and technical requirements
  • Design, rezoning and EIS/material planning
  • Submission and approval planning
  • Collaudation

Within the scope of the realization, clients benefit from our decades of experience – of course, we also take over the construction coordination.

In the planning, approval and implementation of wind energy projects, we can refer to numerous references in Austria, Italy, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia to Bulgaria and Romania.

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Applied research that benefits all sides


For 30 years now, Energiewerkstatt has acted as initiator, coordinator and collaborator of national and international research projects in the field of wind energy. We incorporate our know-how from practical experience into this – application-oriented – research.

Conversely, involvement in research projects enables us to participate directly in scientific developments. This enables us to offer our customers state-of-the-art solutions.

  • Focus on risk analyses
  • GIS potential analyses
  • Focus on complex terrain
  • Focus on icing