IEA Wind meets IG Windkraft

Published on

October 28, 2022

The afternoon of IG Windkraft’s biannual industry platform on October 18th was all about the IEA Wind Energy Systems research collaboration (IEA Wind TCP). At the invitation of the the Energiewerkstatt, the individual Tasks with Austrian participation (Tasks 41, 51, 52 and 54) took the opportunity to present their research priorities to interested participants from industry and operators.

The contributions of the Energiewerkstatt in the context of Tasks 52 and 54 are linked below. For a wrap-up of the entire event, please visit the corresponding landing page of IG Windkraft.

T52 Stoekl LiDAR in Complex Terrain

T54 Rittinghaus IEA Task Work as Vantage Point for Standardization