The Energiewerkstatt at the Winterwind Conference 2024

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April 22, 2024
Energiewerkstatt Winterwind Conference 2024 Claas Rittinghaus

From March 18 to 20 the
Winterwind Conference 2024
took place in the Swedish Åre. As part of the
IEA Wind TCP Research Cooperation Task 54 “Cold Climate Wind Power”
Claas Rittinghaus from Energiewerkstatt was invited to give a presentation on the topic of “Performance envelopes of blade heating systems”. He and his task colleagues presented the work and results of the past year, after which they discussed possible applications of the findings and tools with the participants, as well as any potential for improvement in relation to their area of responsibility. The feedback from the more than 50 participants was extremely positive. As the conference progressed, it became clear from the various presentations and contributions that the topic is of “burning” interest and that the work of the task is making a valuable contribution to the general understanding of the topic and the standardization of procedures.