Energiewerkstatt carries out wind measurements in Upper Austria

Published on

April 24, 2024
Energiewerkstatt Windmessung Oberoesterreich 2024 Windmessung Mast

To date, Energiewerkstatt has carried out over 300 wind measurements in sometimes rough terrain and under challenging climatic conditions throughout Europe and beyond. Potential analyses and expert reports based on this form the basis for further services such as detailed planning and ultimately the successful construction and operation of the wind turbines. In Upper Austria, four wind measurements with 120-meter masts are scheduled for 2024. These are heated measurements in accordance with IEC 61400 in combination with the Energiewerkstatt Power Pack trailer. The first 120-meter mast is already in place, another will follow in May and the other two are in the approval phase; Further masts are planned throughout Austria.