The Energiewerkstatt works in a team with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), AAE Intec, the Energy Economics Group (EEG) of the Vienna University of Technology and the Federal Environmental Agency on the study
Renewable Energy Potentials in Austria 2030 and 2040“.
. The client of the study is the Climate and Energy Fund, the aim is to present the theoretical, technical and realizable potential for renewable energies in Austria for the years 2030 and 2040. And this in the form of a digital potential atlas, at least at the district level, if possible even on a smaller scale.

The Energiewerkstatt is responsible for the part “wind energy” in the study and will determine the theoretical, technical and realizable potential in this area. The results from all renewable energy sources – bioenergy, geothermal, photovoltaics, solar thermal, ambient heat & heat pump, hydropower and wind energy – are presented in three variants: From the “Worst Case”, a conservative or less ambitious assessment, to the “Base Case”, a realistic view, to the optimistic and ambitious “Best Case”.

The study is expected to be completed and presented in spring 2025 – we’ll keep you posted.


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