IEA Task 54 on “Cold Climate Wind Power” with Austrian participation

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November 23, 2023
Energiewerkstatt Claas Rittinghaus IEA Task 54 ETC 2023

At the end of October, members of the IEA Research Cooperation met for the
Task 54
on the topic of “Cold Climate Wind Power”. The meeting took place in Calgary, Canada, in line with the task. The
was represented by Dipl.-Phys. Claas Rittinghaus.

The Electricity Transformation Canada 2023 conference took place in the run-up to the task. As part of a panel discussion, Claas Rittinghaus (Energiewerkstatt),
Timo Karlsson
from Finland and André Bégin-Drolet and
Charles Godreau
from Canada presented their work on the topic of “Cold Climate Wind Power“. A lively exchange of experiences provided deep insights into how the challenges of the energy transition can be met in the world’s second largest country.

The subsequent meeting on IEA Task 54 provided the opportunity for general coordination on cross-task topics as well as a workshop on the Austrian focus “Performance envelopes of blade heating systems”. In addition to the hosts from Canada, experts from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark took part on site as well as participants via online connection from Switzerland and Japan.