Austrian Annual Report 2022 on the Activities of the IEA Wind Technology Program

Published on

March 27, 2023
Energiewerkstatt Oesterreichischer Jahresbericht IEA Wind TCP Titel

The past year has made it even clearer to all of us that there is no way around renewable energies. They represent a climate policy necessity, but they are also indispensable from a geopolitical and economic point of view. Renewable energies minimize dependencies on fossil fuels as well as their suppliers, secure local supply and make an indispensable contribution to reasonable pricing. In particular, the extreme price jumps for electricity and gas increased the attractiveness of alternative energy sources and strengthened the interest in wind energy in addition to the photovoltaic boom.

The International Energy Agency’s Wind Technology Cooperation Program, or IEA Wind TCP, focuses on sustainable energy supply using wind energy and the associated challenges in establishing the technology. At the level of the IEA Wind TCP, there is a regular international exchange on research topics related to wind energy. Currently, issues are being addressed in 24 working and focus groups – so-called tasks – and practical solutions are being sought in cooperation with research, industry and business. Austria is represented in three of these 24 working groups by the Energiewerkstatt, among others, and contributed know-how from theory and international practice or projects.

The work of the individual tasks is summarized annually in the Austrian Annual Report on the Activities of the IEA Wind Technology Program IEA Wind TCP, the current edition of which has now been published. Interested parties can download it here – enjoy reading!


PS: Last year, the meeting of the three Tasks with Austrian participation also took place in Vienna. The opportunity to have international experts on site was also used in cooperation with IG Windkraft: Within the framework of an event with lectures, there were deep insights into the IEA research work.