Availability of LiDAR measurements in alpine terrain

Published on

April 20, 2023

The technical availability of LiDAR measurements is a difficult-to-predict influencing factor that can affect the success of a measurement. Experience has shown that, especially at alpine sites, the lack of aerosols in the air, so-called “clean air” conditions, can severely limit the available data. A study conducted by Energiewerkstatt as part of the IEA Wind TCP Task 32 collaboration has now translated this anecdotal experience into concrete figures based on 10 Austrian sites. For alpine sites in winter, availability averaged only 48%, in marked contrast to lowland sites, where availability at the same reference altitude did not fall below 94%. For the planning of LiDAR wind measurement campaigns in the alpine region, these figures are important information, since correspondingly longer measurement periods should be planned.

The report on the study can be found at the following link:

IEA Wind TCP Task 32 – Comparative Data Availability LiDAR