Energiewerkstatt carries out wind measurement for VERBUND AG in the Mühlviertel region

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July 3, 2024
Energiewerkstatt Windmessungen VERBUND AG Muehlviertel Rainbach Gruenbach 120 Meter Windmessmast 1

To date, Energiewerkstatt has carried out over 300 wind measurements in sometimes rough terrain and under challenging climatic conditions throughout Europe and beyond. In June 2024, a 120-meter wind measuring mast was erected in the northern Mühlviertel. This enables heated measurements in accordance with IEC 61400 in combination with the Energiewerkstatt’s Power Pack trailer. This wind measurement serves the planning of seven new turbine locations for our long-standing partner VERBUND AG, with whom we have been working very well for many years and for whose trust we would like to take this opportunity to thank them. Together, we are committed to a sustainable future and look forward to further successful projects.

Photos: © VERBUND AG

Mühlviertel.TV gives a good impression of the wind measurement in Grünbach/Rainbach: