Wind measurement in alpine regions

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August 25, 2022
Windmessung Wind Measurement

Wind measurement for wind energy projects at alpine locations is of particular importance, since other than in the lowlands significantly more complex meteorological conditions prevail, which can strongly influence the wind occurrence. At the same time, the installation as well as the measurement itself at these locations are also complex projects and require appropriate know-how and technologies that can withstand the rough terrain and defy the adverse conditions. In a 100-m lattice mast measurement recently erected by Energiewerkstatt, a heated 3D ultrasonic anemometer is used for this purpose, among other things, as well as a Batcorder Lift system for recording bat activity. The energy supply is provided by the PowerPackTrailer specially developed by the Energiewerkstatt, which guarantees an uninterrupted and self-sufficient power supply through PV modules, small wind turbine and fuel cells.