Energiewerkstatt supports the Vöcklabruck social center

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March 11, 2024
Energiewerkstatt Team Spende Sozialzentrum Voecklabruck

The Energiewerkstatt sets another example for the support of sustainable projects in the region. A donation of EUR 4,000 was made to the Vöcklabruck social center. The association offers help in three areas: housing security, child protection and family counseling, as well as through a social market. “For us,sustainability is not just about ecological action, but also about social action,” notes Andreas Krenn, Managing Director of Energiewerkstatt, in support of Mosaik.

17.5% of the Austrian population are at risk of poverty or exclusion, 2.3% are even significantly materially restricted, i.e. essential goods or areas of life are unaffordable for the latter,” reports Stefan Hindinger, senior employee at the Vöcklabruck social center, during his visit to the Energiewerkstatt. The two organizations got to know each other better and exchanged experiences in the field of ecological and social sustainability.

Helping people in need who are affected by homelessness is the founding idea of the Vöcklabruck Social Center Association. By recognizing and responding to people’s needs, we are continuously developing a differentiated, diverse and professionally supported range of support services.

“Mosaic” is one of three building blocks of the association and stands for the diversity of people who make use of the facility’s services. Mosaik provides support in securing accommodation and transitional living, offers an emergency shelter and help with integration (move-in support, conflict resolution, community work) as well as a lunch table. “Impuls” is the child protection center and family counseling service and sees itself as a point of contact for all issues concerning children, young people, parents and cooperation partners. “Der Korb” is the social market where products are offered for sale at extremely low prices to people with demonstrably low incomes.